Providing safe, secure, hand picked and community voted projects for your safe investment.
Yasha Launchpad known as YashaPAD is the next generation of launchpads.
Every project goes through a vetting system which allows us to verify the authenticity of a project.

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Yasha Incubator

Do you have a great project but don't know how or where to start ?
InuYasha Incubator is a program to help promising teams launch blockchain games, protocol, meme token or any other token.
Every project will go through a vetting system, where every aspect of the project will be verified by the team and the community.

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Bringing true power to our community in the crypto world...Presenting, YashaDAO.
A decentralized platform for the InuYasha community to vote for YashaPAD launches and project incubation.
Project launches on YashaPad are made safe through community voting on YashaDAO.

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Initial Phase

  • Contract Deploy & Audit
  • Website Launch
  • Initial Marketing
  • Public Launch
  • Deploy YashaPAD
  • Deploy YashaDAO
  • Deploy YashaConnect
  • 2500+ Holders

Getting Started

  • CMC and CG Listing
  • Public Project Submission Forum
  • Announce First Project Incubation
  • Announce InuYasha Staking
  • Launch First Incubated Project
  • Deploy InuYasha Staking
  • Marketing Push
  • 5000+ Holders

The Expansion

  • Second Project Incubation
  • YashaNFT Giveaway
  • Mass Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • Community Rewards
  • CEX Listings
  • Incubated Project Launch
  • 10,000+ Holders

Future Fiesta

  • Deploy YashaSwap
  • Partnerships with Anime Studios
  • MyYasha Merch Store
  • Yasha NFT Marketplace
  • YashaPay Payments App
  • Deploy YashaScan Audit Service
  • Marketing for Yasha Ecosystem
  • 30,000+ Holders


InuYasha has a total Supply of 100B tokens.
There's a 10% tax on each transaction and it's usage is shown in the chart below.

How to Buy

Follow the Instructions to buy inuYasha

  • Create a Wallet (e.g MetaMask)
  • Put ETH into your wallet.
  • Click on import InuYasha in Uniswap.
  • Connect your Wallet.
  • Set Slippage to 12-14%
  • Swap your ETH for InuYasha
  • Welcome to #YashaFAM !

Contract Address

This is the only Contract Address of InuYasha Token.
Use it to Swap or Import InuYasha to your favorite wallet.